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Jonathan Martin has published articles on a number of topics, including on construction litigation, family law, and constitutional law. Below is a list of his publications (online ones hyperlinked):

“When Is A “Bridge” Not A “Road”?: The Application Of The Builders’ Lien Act To Overpass Projects”, March 28, 2020

“Saskatchewan Court of Appeal Confirms Award of Entire Quarter-million-dollar Estate for Teenage Children Under the Saskatchewan Dependants’ Relief Act”, March 11, 2020

“Understanding The CCDC 30 Integrated Project Delivery Contract: Waivers And Releases”, November 11, 2019

“Building Information Modeling And Integrated Project Delivery: How Does It Work?”, October 2019

“The Evidence Needed for a Successful Summary Judgment Application”, August 27, 2019

“Feds Pass Prompt Payment Legislation For Federal Construction Projects”, August 9, 2019

“Prompt Payment In Saskatchewan And Ontario: Information You May Not Be Aware Of”, May 3, 2019

“Wrongfully SUED?”, March 14, 2019

“Limitation Periods And Liens: Saskatchewan Court Of Appeal Provides Clarifications”, 18 February 2019

“British Columbia Court Of Appeal Provides Guidance On How The Holdback Obligation Applies To Direct Payment Arrangements”, October 11, 2018

“When Does The Saskatchewan Builders’ Lien Act Apply In The Context Of A Government Street Or Highway Construction Project?”, September 17, 2018

“The TWU Decision: Five Big Questions” The Lawyers Daily , September 5, 2018

“Does R. v Oakes test still do justice to s. 1? – Part 1” The Lawyers Daily, November 18, 2021

“Does R v Oakes test still do justice to s. 1 – Part 2” The Lawyers Daily, November 19, 2021

Updated  April 3, 2023